"When my husband and I decided it was time to move we explored many options and came to the realization that to get what we really wanted for the two us and our family, we were going to have a custom home built to satisfy our needs and wants. We did our research and once we were introduced to Taylor Moore and the team at Sherwood Custom Homes we knew they were the ones to make our dreams come true.

From the very beginning they listened, understood and cared about what we wanted to achieve. They took the time to learn what was important to us and offered their experience, talent and creativity to achieve those goals. To our delight, they took all of the pressure off of us and handled whatever situation arose. Watching the mutual respect that exists between Sherwood and all of the first-class trades they use was a real confidence builder for us. They never let us down.

Sherwood Custom Homes did not just give us a magnificent and well-constructed house, they gave our family a home and have helped us along the entire journey. What could be better than that!"
Este and Ivor Hughes, Toronto

"Sherwood Custom Homes is the epitome of integrity and pure luxury. Taylor and Judy are not only trusted professionals, they became friends.

Sherwood Custom Homes has been there for us from the very beginning of our custom home endeavours. From finding the perfect 75" Lawrence Park lot, to introducing us to the awarded architect, to providing the most professional and technologically advanced trades and craftspeople to build our home.

The Sherwood team were an invaluable source of guidance in the design and technical aspects of our build. They were able to meet and exceed our every whim and need with their expertise and vast experience.

The outstanding quality and luxury of our home is enjoyed by all who experience it. Sherwood Custom Homes has made the Home of my Dreams into our Family's every day reality. We are truly impressed and grateful to everyone."
Lori and Richard Elder, Toronto

"Our family moved into one of Sherwood’s very first homes through a resale and while we weren’t technically a “client” we always have been treated as such. Sherwood Homes has been extremely responsive and helpful whenever we have had even the most minor issue. We have been so pleased with not only their service but the quality of their work and the eye for design. We consider our home unique and distinctive, and very much in keeping with our neighborhood. Taylor Moore and his team deserve the reputation they have earned for quality craftsmanship and personalized service."
Bryan Kerdman

“We could not be happier with the home that Sherwood built for us. They were integral in our process from before the planning stages. They provided us with lots of ideas and with solutions to complete them within our budget. We will certainly use Sherwood for future projects.”
Kevin & Beth Foley

We have now been in our new home for one year. We are truly enjoying the home and very much appreciate the obvious quality, care and craftsmanship that Sherwood Custom Homes committed to its’ construction. In addition, we have been very pleased with the assistance you have provided for the few matters which have required service. We would highly recommend Sherwood Custom Homes team.
Cal & Wilma Buss

"We are delighted by our experience in using Sherwood Custom Homes to build our dream home. SCH demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and instilled confidence every step of the way. Sherwood consistently stands for quality that will not be compromised. They were certainly the right choice as a builder for our custom home. Our new home is not only beautiful but is living proof that dreams really can come true. We highly recommend them."
D. James & T. Wilson

"We really enjoyed working with Sherwood Custom Homes. The process was very well managed throughout, and the finished product is first class! Thanks again!"
Anna Kozina

When you deal with Sherwood Homes, you're dealing with an extremely talented and passionate group of professionals who cater to their clients. We're extremely satisfied with the finished product and would highly recommend Taylor and his team to anyone who would ask. It's really only with the clarity of hindsight that you can fully appreciate just how good Sherwood Homes really is.
Mike Donnelly

"SCH built our home on time, on budget and gave us peace of mind throughout the whole process. We are very pleased with the results and we highly recommend them."
Jason & Yvonne Robertson

"Most people would you that building is very stressful, but Taylor and his team have made it nothing but enjoyable and exciting"
Scott & Sheila MacNicol

"Sherwood's commitment and dedication to our job site was very comforting, especially during the finishing stages of our project”
Marcia Machat & Simeon Madagan

"We have just completed our second home with Sherwood and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. We value our close relationship with the SCH team and highly recommend them."
Darcy & Shannon Tucker

"Thanks for all the hard work. We love our new home!"
Bryan & Roberta McCabe

"Working with Sherwood Custom Homes has been a pleasure, my renovation went smoothly, my questions and concerns were always addressed in a timely and respectful manner. Although they were working on other projects, I felt like my home was always a priority. Thank you to the Sherwood team!"
Rob & Jennifer White

"Taylor Moore's impeccable good taste, thorough building knowledge and the responsible trades that Sherwood employs have helped us build a home beyond our highest expectations. While working with Taylor and his staff, the entire process of building a luxury home was, we dare say, enjoyable... so much fun that we are now in the process of building our second home with Sherwood in Lawrence Park. Taylor takes great care to provide excellent suggestions and effective solutions as issues arise when building a custom home. Always at your service, Taylor and his staff are a pleasure to work with, help to visualize final results and most importantly have made our dreams a reality."
Chris & Mary Joakim

"Building your dream home requires a lot of time and energy. We have enjoyed working with the Sherwood team every step of the way. We wouldn't dream of working with anyone else."
Krystine & Igor Ulanov

"When we first saw Richard Wengle’s conceptual drawing of our future home our delight was somewhat overshadowed by the challenge to find a builder who could make it a reality. From our first encounter with Taylor Moore of Sherwood Custom Homes we realized that he and his following of the best trades in the business were up to the challenge. The finish product proved us right. And the guidance we received along the way proved extremely valuable in tailoring the fit and finishing to our liking and to our lifestyle. We would highly recommend SCH to anyone wanting to turn the vision of a dream home into reality."
David & Lois Wells

"Taylor and the Sherwood team went the extra mile on what turned out to be a very complicated renovation project. The finished product is absolutely first class!"
Chris & Sherry Blackwell

"Sherwood ably assisted us in completing a very daunting project; the building of our first and final home. The process was both exciting and a lot of work. With Sherwood, we had the peace of mind that our interests were always put first. The house is beautiful, of the utmost quality, and the "centerpiece" of our family".
Dawn & Stephen Pearce

"We want to thank the Sherwood team for the high attention to detail in building our home. They bring advice, experience and a client-focused approach to custom home building. We are very pleased with our home and would recommend Sherwood to anyone considering custom home building."
Kevin & Mona Malone

We bought an original 1929 Lawrence Park home and used Sherwood to completely renovate and bring it up to current standards. There were many challenges and frustrations in modernizing the home while still maintaining the original ambience. Sherwood was able to deliver "the nicest home in Toronto" (our description, not theirs). We could not be more pleased.
Brad Conacher and Linda Yule




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