"We have worked with many builders and found Sherwood to be very professional. The sub-trades were well managed. The Sherwood Team executed tasks and time lines very well. They were most reliable and responsive. They were always there for us. The Sherwood team including Taylor Moore and the office staff were able to work seamlessly with our Architect. Our project was water access only and Sherwood was incredibly well equipped, regardless of the weather conditions. They were also able to work on our mainland property with ease and efficiency. Overall we were very pleased with the result and enjoyed working with Sherwood. It was a complex project that was well executed. We would work with Sherwood again."

David & Elyssa Feldberg



"Sherwood North was involved in our cottage building project from its inception. They were easy to deal with, responsive and honest. They facilitated our project and were an invaluable partner in referring and coordinating the tradespeople on our project. The cottage is built with excellent craftsmanship and their professionalism in all dealings was exceptional. We highly recommend Sherwood North."

Mike & Wendy Hill



"We contracted Sherwood Custom Homes to build our house in the city in 2008. We were extremely pleased with how our build was executed. They always put our best interests first, they were honest and reliable. They worked tirelessly to make sure we were happy and the project was completed on time. Needles to say, when we decided to build our cottage on Lake Rosseau last year, we immediately enlisted Sherwood North. The Sherwood Team constantly proved their ability and dedication to us. We had nothing but trustworthy and respectful trades and our cottage was completed on time as promised. There is no doubt that we would definitely hire Sherwood again for another build!"

Kate & David Wallace



In selecting a builder for our cottage project, we conducted extensive due diligence. Being a Professional Engineer with a background in project management, I have very high expectations and standards in terms of construction quality, cost control, and time management. Our criteria for selecting a builder included the following:

• Demonstrated high-quality projects completed in the Muskoka area

• Excellent client references and reputation from past projects

• Demonstrated experience in following a true project management methodology

• The use of appropriate estimating, budgeting, tendering and cost-control tools

• Demonstrated client reporting, with respect to budget and cost

• The people within the company had to be extremely professional, and demonstrate the ability to maintain strong relations with us throughout the project, as well as with all the trades.

Over a period of several weeks, I personally interviewed nearly every single reputable builder in the Muskoka area. Unfortunately, most of them could not meet our criteria. And, I think many of them did not relish the idea of working for someone that had an engineering and project management background, knowing that my attention to detail is significant.

After our exhaustive due diligence and interview process, we ultimately selected Sherwood North to build our dream cottage. Taylor Moore and the Sherwood team were able to meet all of our criteria, and demonstrated the experience, capability, and professionalism that we were looking for.

As of the writing of this letter, our construction is well under way, and I can say with confidence that we made the right decision in selecting Sherwood North. The Sherwood Team has been absolutely excellent to work with. They have been very patient and receptive to all of our needs, and consistently go the extra mile to make sure that we are satisfied customers.

Our project is progressing on-budget, on-time and most importantly, their work is meeting all of my expectations of high quality.

I am pleased to highly recommend Sherwood North to anyone looking to build their dream home/cottage in Muskoka.


Jason C., Professional Engineer



"My wife and I are so pleased with the boathouse that Sherwood Custom Homes built for us last year. The results exceeded our expectations and speak for themselves. The construction process was made easy on us by the professional coordination of all the trades by the Sherwood team. I will be using Sherwood Homes again on any future projects that we do. A special thanks goes to Adam McDonald and Taylor Moore for their efforts during this process. I was always updated on the project status and could concentrate on my other responsibilities knowing that everything was under control."

Graham & Jennifer Saunders



"Sherwood Custom Homes and Sherwood North's commitment to excellence and quality of finishes is second to none. We highly recommend them."

Brian & Jan Bornstein



"Dear Taylor and Adam,Bob and I would like to thank you for the attention to detail and timely execution of our cottage in Muskoka - you started November 15, 2006 and we spent the month of August 2007 in our new cottage! Thank you again"!

Robert & Catherine Deluce

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